Monday, November 29, 2010

Family Time

[Shaffer Fam]

Nathan and I got to go home for Thanksgiving. We love getting to go home to the absolutely beautiful NW, as well as getting to see family. And lucky for us, that's what this trip home was all about. Nathan took a couple vacation days from work, as well as the ones he was already going to have off, and we flew home on Tuesday morning. Nice thing about living in LA is that it only takes a couple of hours to fly home. (Although, we did have to get up at 4:10am to make it to the airport for our flight, then we had a layover in Reno before flying on into Portland) We got to spend parts of 5 days at home before flying back on Saturday.
Highlights of the trip:

-Flying with Nathan for the first time
-It was cold
-Getting to wear long sleeves and sweaters-Mama's cooking
-Playing RISK with the fam
-Flannel sheets
-Seeing "Morning Glory"
-12am sales at Wal-Mart
-Seeing Myles and Katie
-Around the World Ping Pong
-Family Photos

[Mielke Fam]

-thoughts of Anna B.

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